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The Bluffs at Richmond Hill The Bluffs at Richmond Hill
Architectural Review Committee
Chair: Kimberly Cowell
Co-Chair: Brian Cowell
Committee members: Mark Eversoll, Tracy Hendren, Gary Emerson, Keenan Simons, Mac Lofton, Theresa Reeves, Justin Ates, and Jason Freeze
This committee has the responsibility of architectural control of The Bluffs. Any structures, including approval of new construction as well as any changes and improvements to existing buildings or land features, must be approved by this group prior to beginning any project.
Covenants Awareness Committee
Chair: John Pugh
Co-Chair: James Walker
Committee members: Britton Yount, Jamie Magness, Mac Lofton, Sharron Gannon, Amy Downs, Mark Eversoll,  Brian Cowell, Johnny Hodges, Michael Hampton, and Zeffra Brewer
This committee will focus on ensuring members are aware and following the HOA Covenants. The committee is currently reviewing the existing Covenants. 
Infrastructure Committee
Chair: Anthony Ariano
Committee members: 
This committee will improve and maintain the infrastructure in the Bluffs. Infrastructure includes but is not limited to the roads, ponds, culverts, spillway, drain pipes, sewer covers, gates and HOA fences.
Maintenance Committee
Chair: Colin Gilligan
Committee members: Marty Roberts
This committee coordinates maintenance and repairs for roadways, paths, common area equipment, buildings, the pool, etc.  They make regular patrols around our neighborhood - please help them in their efforts by pointing out issues or areas of concern for them to investigate further.  You can also report issues by using the Contact Us form and choosing Board as the recipient.

Social Committee
Chair: Melissa Newlin
Committee members: Sharon Gannon, Lisa Conti-Bacon, Eileen Emerson, Judy Hagan, Tammy Hampton, Donna Jones, Janina Lorenson, Nadia Sprole, Daphne Wickham, Mary Ann Streeter, Beverly Roberts, Kimberly Henninger, Susan Strickland, Susan Meador, Claudia Staschiak.
This committee organizes several community social events throughout the year.  They also prepare welcome baskets for new residents.
Website Oversight and Functional Improvement Committee
Chair: Dennis Lorenson; Co-Admins: Colin Gilligan, Brad Crome
Committee members: None
This committee will manage the HOA website and improve its functionality, communication, and transparency that is necessary to inform and survey the community, hold HOA meetings, and conduct elections/voting.