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The Bluffs at Richmond Hill The Bluffs at Richmond Hill

  • How can I contact a board member?
    Use the form on the Contact Us page or email the board:  See also individual contact information on the Board Members page.
  • How can I get involved in the HOA?
    We are always looking for volunteers to assist in serving on our various committees: Architectural Review Committee, Maintenance Committee and Social Committee.  If you have interest in any of those areas, please use the Contact Us form to send a message to the Board.
  • What if I have an idea or a suggestion?
    Send all comments and suggestions using the Contact Us form, available from the menu at left.
  • How much are The Bluffs HOA dues annually?
    The Bluffs annual HOA dues are $800 per lot owned.  They are billed January 1 each year and late fees will assess for outstanding fees not paid by February 1.
  • Where can I mail my HOA dues payment?
    You can pay at either the GCM website( or mail to:
    11258 Ford Avenue
    Richmond Hill, GA 31324
    Note: If mailing, please make your check payable to The Bluffs at Richmond Hill Homeowners Association and include your lot number and address on your check.
  • Where can I mail HOA correspondence?
    You can send mail to:
    The Bluffs at Richmond Hill Homeowners Association
    P O Box 30
    Richmond Hill, GA  31324
  • I want to build a house in The Bluffs - what do I need to do?
    First, familiarize yourself with The Bluffs covenants, the Architectural Review Committee guidelines and the Architectural Review Committee Builder AgreementYou will need to have your project plan approved by the Architectural Review Committee before beginning any work on it.  Email the ARC for additional information.
  • Can I add a fence, storage building, patio, sun-room, etc to my property?
    Any changes or additions to a yard or outside of a home must receive approval from the Architectural Review Committee.  This includes, but is not limited to, porches, decks, patios, fences and storage buildings.  Please contact the ARC for guidance before beginning any project.
  • Do I need to contact the HOA if I am selling my house?
    Yes, the closing attorney must contact the HOA treasurer for a statement of dues owed.
  • I'm a real estate agent or a real estate closing processor and I need a statement for a closing, who do I contact?
    Please email the Treasurer to get a statement of dues owed on a property.  Include the lot number and the closing date with each request.
  • Why do I have to pay my dues if I am selling my house?
    All dues not paid will accrue late fees.  When you sell your house, the attorney will prorate your dues and you will receive a refund/credit as part of the real estate closing process.
  • How do I get an access card for the pool area?
    Please contact to get your access card. One per property, please.
  • My pool card doesn't work.
    (1) Maybe you're trying to use your card when the pool area is closed.  The area is open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM.
    (2) Access to amenities is restricted when a member's HOA account becomes overdue.  The card assigned to an overdue account is deactivated until the outstanding balance is paid.
    (3) Send a message to for assistance.
  • What are the rules for the pool area?
  • How do I get an access code for the front gate?
    Contact to select your access code and to get your name added to the list of residents available on the gate call box.
  • Where can I purchase a remote to open the front gate?
    Contact to make arrangements to purchase remotes.  They are $15 each.
  • Where can I find more information about how the gate and its operation?
    Gate Operation Instructions
    To open the gate using your remote, press the button while stopped near the keypad. If the gate does not respond, the battery in your remote is most likely weak and requires replacement.
    To open the gate using your code, press the pound sign (‘#’) followed by your four digit code. Gate codes are assigned to each property owner. There is no universal code available for “public” use.
    Visitor operation of the gate: (1) Possible only when a local telephone number is associated with your entry on the gate display. (2) The associated telephone number must accept incoming calls from private or restricted numbers. (3) The visitor selects the property owner’s name from the gate display using the “A” or “Z” keys. (4) The visitor presses “CALL”. (5) The gate attempts to call the associated telephone number. The person answering may speak to the visitor. (6) To admit the visitor, press “9” on the telephone. The gate will disconnect the call. (7) To deny the visitor, press “#” on the telephone. The gate will disconnect the call. You may also simply hang up.

    PLEASE NOTE: The following instructions should be used to open a gate ONLY during a power failure. They will not work when power is available to the gates.
    Under NO circumstances should the locks or pins on the gate arms be tampered with. Doing so bypasses all safety and limit sensors and may subject vehicles and pedestrians to damage or injury when the power is restored.
    Verify there is no power to the gate. Observe the entry panel - if it is not illuminated, you may be reasonably assured there is no power.
    Proceed to the gate you wish to open.
    With one hand on each side of the gate arm elbow joint, pull the joint toward you with enough force to "break" the joint (place it at less than a 180 degree angle). If the gate immediately returns to the closed position, there IS power to the gate. This is an alarm condition for the gate as it is detecting an intrusion attempt.
    Move to the end of the gate and swing it to the fully open position.
    Repeat with the other gate.
    When power is restored, the gate will return to normal operation following the first vehicle passing over the gate sensors.
  • How can I reserve the clubhouse?
    You can utilize the Calendar feature located in the menu to the left to set up your event.
  • I want to report a needed repair to some common area item - what do I do?
  • How do I report a covenant violation?
    Send an email to the board of directors stating the issue.
  • I am having problems with the website or can't remember my log in information - what do I do.
    Contact with your issue.