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The Bluffs at Richmond Hill The Bluffs at Richmond Hill
The Bluffs at Richmond Hill Homeowners Association    Post Office Box 30      Richmond Hill, GA  31324
~    Upcoming Events    ~
Neighborhood Yard Sale
Saturday, April 28th, 8am-1pm
Time to clean out your closets, attics, and drawers!  Neighborhood Yard Sale is scheduled.  The more homes that participate, the more shoppers to come! Will be passing out balloons to homes participating.  Text or call Sharon Gannon 972-345-3862 by Wednesday, 4/25 to ensure your balloon.

~    News    ~
New HOA Newsletter and Facebook page
Posted on Feb 26th, 2018
The February Edition of the new HOA Newsletter was recently sent out and should be found in your email inbox, but check your junk mail folder.
An Official Bluffs HOA Facebook page has been created to help the board communicate HOA related issues to the community.
Revised Procedure for Reserving the Clubhouse
Posted on Sep 28th, 2017
Effective October 2, 2017, The Cota Group, LLC will be the primary point of contact for clubhouse reservations. Initial inquiries are still submitted through the website by visiting the Calendar page to “Submit a New Event”. Upon confirmation that the requested date is available, a $25 refundable deposit (check or money order) must be received in order to secure the reservation. If you need AC or heat, an additional non-refundable deposit of $25 is due upon submission of your request. The AC/heat fee must be in the form of a separate check or money order and may not be combined with the previously referenced “refundable deposit”.  Payments should be left in the HOA drop box inside the clubhouse or mailed to The Bluffs at Richmond Hill HOA at P.O. Box 30, Richmond Hill, GA 31324.
It is best to check the calendar first to see if the date you are interested in is available. You can also email Naomi Cota at to confirm availability.
Please note that reservation requests and payments must be received at least seven (7) business days in advance of the requested date.
School Bus Procedures
Posted on Sep 26th, 2017 Comments (0)
The school buses are picking up children in the Bluffs at the circle area near the pool house entrance road. A new street light has been installed to provide a safe atmosphere for the early morning bus hours. The school bus pick up inside the Bluffs, instead of out near the busy road, is a courtesy extended to us by the school officials and the bus drivers. Recently, children are arriving late for the scheduled pick up times. The following rules were established to prevent losing the safe pick up and return program inside the Bluffs. Late arrivals should not expect the bus to wait for the children to run around the bus as it is departing. Please follow the procedure for the school bus morning pickup and afternoon delivery. 
1. Children must arrive 10 minutes before their school bus arrival for pick up. 
2. Children must be waiting at the designated bus pick up area when the bus arrives. There is a sign designating the waiting area. 
3. Park on the grassed area opposite the bike racks or in the asphalt area near the pool house. Shut off engine. 
4. Do not park on the asphalt driveway to the pool house. 
5. Do not park in or near any location where the school bus backs up, boards children, or leaves the circle area. This includes St. Catherine Circle near the circle area. Drop off children and either leave the area or park and wait for the bus with your child or children. 
6. The bus drivers have asked that no children run up to the bus after they pull in for the morning pickup. The drivers are concerned for your child’s safety. 
7. If you are late, do not have your children run up to the bus if the bus is already at the pick up area or leaving the circle. Take your children to school. 
8. Do not drive your vehicle out of any parking area until the school bus has left the area. 
1. Arrive 10 minutes before school bus arrival. 
2. Park on the grassed area opposite the bike racks. Shut off engine. 
3. You may park on the asphalt area near the pool house. 
4. The school bus will let the children out at the circle area at the entrance road to the pool house. 
5. Do not drive your vehicle out of the parking area until the school bus has departed and all children have cleared the area.
HOA Management under The Cota Group LLC
Posted on Sep 2nd, 2017
The Bluffs HOA contracted The Cota Group LLC to start management of the HOA on Sep 1, 2017. The Cota Group LLC is the HOA point of contact for all HOA matters including Treasurer. The Cota Group LLC can be directly contacted at The Contact Us link and email groups are still working as before, but The Cota Group will be CC'd along with the Board members, etc. Click this link to see a list of services provided. 
2017 School bus pick up/drop off
Posted on Aug 1st, 2017 Comments (0)
School is back in session and your Directors want to share some School Bus info with our Parents and Children.
Our Children are very precious and our priority is to keep them SAFE! 
The Directors of the Bluffs coordinated with the County to have the School Bus drive in thru the rear gate and pick up all children at the Pool house. This includes Elementary, Middle and High School.
We recommend all parents go to the Byran County Web site to review pick up times and School Bus etiquette (
The following outlines some key best practices for Adults and children:
• Be at the Bus 10 minutes prior to scheduled arrival.
• Keep cars clear of the Bus’s pickup location. This will be at the driveway entrance of the Pool house. It may take a few days for our residents and the Bus driver to establish this routine, so please be flexible, cautious, and tolerant of all parties until the routine is established.
• Approach the pick-up area with extreme caution.
• The Bus driver will not wait for Children to walk from pool house to the Bus.
• Children should not sit in car until Bus arrives. Children should assemble at the intersection of the Pool House driveway and road ( see picture)
• Late arrivals will not be boarded to Bus.
Bus Times – Subject to change – Check Bryan County Web Site  (
• HS - 638/639 AM
• ELEM - 645/646 AM
• MID - 706/707 AM
Tivoli Trail Road Gate
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017 Comments (1)
The back gate is now working. It automatically opens at 7am and closes at 7pm. When exiting the gate, make sure to stop at the signs; the gate opens inward. To enter the gate after 7pm, use the same # + 4digits you use on the front gate. You can also use your remote. If you cant get your remote to work, open the remote case and reference the message board for the correct pins that should be in the up position and all other numbers are in the down position. Any issues contact Marty Roberts.
New Residents
Posted on Jan 27th, 2017 Comments (0)
New residents: contact to select your access code and to get your name added to the list of residents available on the gate call box.  Pool/club house access cards are also available. One per property, please.
Residents wanting to purchase a remote control for the front gate please contact  Remote controls are $15 each.  Please make checks payable to the Bluffs HOA.

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