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The Bluffs at Richmond Hill The Bluffs at Richmond Hill
The Bluffs at Richmond Hill Homeowners Association    Post Office Box 30      Richmond Hill, GA  31324
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Covenant Awareness (and Enforcement) Committee
Posted on Oct 5th, 2015 Comments (0)
All lots in The Bluffs are required to be maintained in accordance with the Covenants. Compliance with the Covenants is an obligation of every lot owner. Complying with the Covenants, and ensuring that our neighbors comply as well, aids in protecting the significant investments in our homes here. Enforcement of the Covenants typically has been limited to one person, the HOA president, which has led to claims of uneven enforcement, harassment, neglect, etc. It’s fair to say that few (including the HOA president) are satisfied with the Covenant enforcement process to date
To ensure fair and responsible enforcement of the Covenants, I am creating a Covenant Awareness (and Enforcement) Committee. This new Committee would take up the task of identifying violations of the Covenants, and then assisting our neighbors in addressing their violations. Preferably the Committee would operate in a manner similar to the ARC wherein the Committee members collectively identify Covenant violations, and take action to address the issues. Assessing fines for non-compliance would be a last resort.
For this Committee to be effective, I need 5 or more members of The Bluffs to participate.  Please contact me if you would be willing to participate on this new Committee.  Thank you!  Chris Gannon (

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